Conducting the Negotiation Process – Open course – Beginner level – 2021 Q2

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Session date:
From 08 to 28 January 2021
From 14 June to 01 August 2021
From 17 January to 06 March 2022

Course Structure

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1. Aim of the course

By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify tactics and set-up the right negotiation organisation.

Learning goals

  • Define negotiation objectives, including different options.
  • Develop negotiation scenarios.
  • Build alternative solutions (BATNA) to avoid deadlock situations.
  • Organise the negotiation plan, considering the company constraints, the supplier’s expectations and the market situation.
  • Deliver the highest results possible, while maintaining long term relationships with suppliers.

Target group

Buyers at any level who wish to learn how to use cost breakdown and the TCO decision-making tool to better negotiate price reductions with suppliers.

2. Course Structure

The CONDUCTING THE NEGOTIATION PROCESS course contains 1 Chapter including 6 e-modules (amongst which 3 are optional), other material (readings, videos…) and 1 Virtual Class.
The specific e-modules must be completed before attending the related Virtual Class.

Chapters e-Modules Virtual Classes
Number Name
Debriefing on the conduct of negotiation 6 • Adjusting the negotiation settings
• Following a 5-step communication process
• How to successfully conclude a negotiation
• Conditioning the other party before they start
• Credibility & the impact of 1st impressions on
• The importance of Listening
90 min.

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