Preparing Negotiation – Open course – Beginner level – 2022 Q1

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Session date: From 2 January to 21 February 2021
From 14 June to 01 August 2021
From 17 January to 06 March 2022

Course Structure

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1. Aim of the course

By the end of this course, participants will be able to analyse and understand what can be negotiated and how it can be negotiated.

Learning goals

  • Be aware of the unconscious reflexes.
  • Assert and re-work your conscious negotiation style and leadership.
  • Diagnose intercultural mismatches before they block the negotiation.
  • Get out of negotiation deadlocks, etc. target group.

Target group

All Professionals involved in complex negotiation.

2. Course Structure

The PREPARING THE NEGOTIATION course contains 1 Chapter including 3 e-modules, other material (readings, videos…) and 2 virtual classes.
For each Chapter, specific e-modules must be completed before attending the related Virtual Class.


Chapters e-Modules Virtual Classes
Number Name
Negotiation role-play 3 • Analysing the negotiation’s value exchange
• Analysing the balance of power to then be offensive or defensive
• Creating a BATNA based on the negotiation context
60 min.

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Open course




Q1 2022