Soft Skills – Hard Negotiation – Open course – Intermediate level – 2021 Q4

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Session date:
From 03 May to 27 June 2021

Course Structure

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1. Aim of the course

By the end of this course, participants will be able to manage difficult negotiations and customize their behavior.

Learning goals

  • Articulate the preparation with the conduct of the negotiation.
  • Convert a purchasing strategy in negotiation points, concessions, and counterparts.
  • Build a tactic according to the positioning of the buying company in relation to the vendor.
  • Customize the behaviors accordingly.

Target group

All Professionals involved in complex negotiations.

2. Course Structure

The Hard Negotiation course contains 1 Awareness class, 3 Chapters including 9 e-modules,
other material (readings, videos…) and 3 virtual classes. For each Chapter, specific e-modules & other
the material must be completed before attending the related Virtual Class. Please, see the program below:


Awareness Session Content Duration
Fundamentals of value
exchange and tactics
  • Negotiation role-play
  • The exchange of value between 2 negotiating parties.
  • The definition of tactics.
  • The relevant behaviors.
210 min.


Chapters e-Modules Virtual Classes Duration
No. Names
Prepare difficult Value exchange 3 • Analysing the negotiation’s value exchange
• Conceding & Obtaining Value
• Analysing the balance of power to then be offensive or defensive
90 min.
Execute your tactics 3 • The cooperative vs the non-cooperative approach
• The zero-sum vs the non-zero-sum game
• Creating a balance between different types of arguments
Understand your behavioral profile 3 • The simultaneous vs the sequential negotiation game
• Understanding Behavioural reflexes
• Detecting Behavioural reflexes
90 min.

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Q4 2021