Terms and conditions


Article 1.1: Definitions

  • “Website”: means any of the websites or subdomain names devoted to the offerings of EIPM, in particular those that can be accessed from the website www.eipm.org, and the online services available at shop.eipm.org.
  • “Events”: means the Round Tables, Workshops, Conferences and Training sessions organised and/or co-organised by EIPM and sold on the Website.

Article 1.2: Purpose and Scope of application

The purpose of these General Terms & Conditions is to define rights and obligations of EIPM and of purchasers. They apply, without restriction or reservation, to Events and Trainings sold by EIPM on the Website. All useful details and information on the Events and Trainings, the offers, prices, reservation terms and conditions are specified on the Website.

Article 1.3: Acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions

EIPM reserves the right to adapt or amend these General Terms & Conditions at any time. In the event of an amendment, solely the General Terms & Conditions that are in force on the date of the order shall apply.

The customer acknowledges having read and accepted these General terms & Conditions when placing an order. The customer has the option of saving them at any time on a durable medium by printing or downloading them, using the Website functions provided to that effect.


The sales governed by these General Terms & Conditions are made by EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management) SAS, a simplified joint stock company, registered in the Trade & Company Register of THONON-LES -BAINS (France) under the number 393 094 628, and located at Bâtiment Mont-Blanc II – 59, Rue Antoine Redier, 74160 ARCHAMPS, FRANCE, VAT number FR91393094628.

The EIPM Sales Department can be reached by telephone or email at the numbers and address shown on the Website.


Prices stated on the Website are expressed in euros (€) and exclude all taxes. The VAT, if applicable, is calculated upon checkout in force at the date of the order.

In case of Events or Trainings available at different rates, the various categories, offers and eligibility conditions can be found on the Website.


Article 4.1: Capacity of purchasers

Only persons who have the legal capacity to enter into contracts can place orders. When placing an order, the purchaser must have the full legal capacity needed to abide by the present General Terms & Conditions.

When paying by credit or debit card, the purchaser must have full authorization to do so.

Article 4.2: Placing an online order

In order to place an order online, the customer must create an account on the Website. In order to create this account and be identified, the customer must complete the identification form available on the Website and fill in all the required mandatory fields.

After identification, the customer will be able to select the items available on the Website.

The customer may, pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Law, visualise the order including a summary listing the essential features of the items ordered and their prices. Before any payment, the customer will be able to amend or cancel the item selection.

Finalising an order means paying the price of the items in full. To continue and finalise the ordering process, the customer must click on “Proceed to checkout”.

Before paying for the order, the customer will be requested to review these General Terms & Conditions, and must expressly accept them. By accepting the General Terms & Conditions, the customer acknowledges having received all the necessary information before confirming the order.

After confirming the content of the order and having been informed that by validating the order, the customer undertakes to pay the price, he/she must make the payment.

Article 4.3: Payment

Purchases made on the Website must be paid by credit or debit card at the time of ordering. When paying, the customer will be requested to enter the card number, the expiration date and the security code (the last three or four digits on the back of the bank card). EIPM accepts cards from the following providers: CB Network, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

The Website makes use of a high performance security system in accordance with the state of the art, and use the SSL encryption process. Accordingly, only the bank processing the payment has access to confidential information including the card number and expiry date, which shall not be accessible by any third party.

The order will be registered after verification of the payment method and receipt of the authorisation to debit the card.

By design, our customers’ credit card numbers are not stored in our website. When making a payment, your sensitive information is transmitted directly to the payment processor. Our payment processor is the bank “Credit Agricole”.

Article 4.4: Order confirmation

Once the order is registered, a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the order will be sent with an order number.

The sale will only be deemed to be definitive after EIPM validates the order. A validation email will be sent containing an invoice, these General Terms & Conditions as well as a withdrawal form provided at the end of the document.


Article 5.1: Provision of online access – Responsibility

For orders of online (e-Learning) modules, EIPM will undertake to provide the login details and access codes to the customer no later than 48 hours after the order placement and payment. Login details and passwords are confidential and personal, and cannot be passed on or resold in any way whatsoever to third parties, e.g. colleagues, friends or relatives. The Customer is responsible for the proper handling of confidential login details and passwords, and for their utilisation, including fraudulent. The customer must inform EIPM immediately of any circumstance likely to result in the fraudulent utilisation of the login details and passwords provided by EIPM.

The customer is solely responsible for the selection and further utilisation of the e-Learning modules purchased.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their technical environment is compatible with the Learning Management System used by EIPM, for example through a preliminary test to be organised in connection with EIPM.

Article 5.2: Availability of e-Learning Modules on EIPM platform

Access to the e-Learning modules ordered on the EIPM platform (Learning Management System) will be possible for a duration of two (2) months. After this period or once the rights will be fully utilized by the Customer, the modules will not be available anymore, and the Customer will have to place a new order to reinstate their rights, should he/she desire to take the module again.

E-Learning modules ordered are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, barring any system failure or connection issue solely attributable to EIPM, in which case the availability period would be prolonged accordingly. In this case the Customer must inform EIPM within a 24-hour period following the discovery of the problem.

EIPM reserves the right to proceed with maintenance operations at any point in time, in which case EIPM will:

  • inform the Customer at least 24 hours ahead of the planned maintenance operation
  • endeavour to strictly limit the duration of the maintenance operation to a strict minimum
  • prolong the period of availability of the e-Learning modules ordered by at least the same amount of time.

The Customer will not claim any compensation other than the extension of the access period as a consequence of such service interruptions.

Article 5.3: Intellectual Property

The content of e-Learning modules purchased by the Customer remains the full property of EIPM. Any reproduction of the content, in part or in full, by the Customer is subject to a preliminary agreement with EIPM.

Against payment of the order placed, EIPM grants a strictly personal license allowing the access to its Learning Management System strictly limited to the personal benefit of the Customer as an individual physical person. This access does not imply any reproduction right, or utilization as supporting material for the provision of training services to third parties.


In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within fourteen (14) days from the date of order with no explanation required. This right to withdraw can be exercised without penalty.

The customer can exercise this right via the cancellation form template provided at the end of these General Terms & Conditions or by email to , explicitly requesting the cancellation of the order, within 14 days from the order date.

For the withdrawal period to be complied with, the customer only has to send the email relating to the exercising of the right to withdraw before the period has expired.

The withdrawal right cannot be exercised, regardless of the date of the purchase, once the Event or Training has commenced.

EIPM undertakes to proceed with a refund of the order that is subject to the withdrawal no later than fourteen days from the day that the EIPM has been advised of the decision to cancel. The reimbursement will be made by EIPM using the same payment method as the one used for the initial transaction.


Article 7.1: Cancellation by EIPM

EIPM reserves the right to cancel or postpone an Event or a Training course due to insufficient registered participants.

If EIPM postpones an Event or a Training course, the customer will be offered the choice of receiving a refund, or of transferring the registration to the same Event or Course at the new scheduled date.

If EIPM cancels an Event or a Training course, the customer will be offered the choice of receiving a refund or of transferring the registration to a different Event or Course of the same price.

Only the price of the Event or Course concerned shall be refunded. No indirect or consequential loss of any kind (transportation, accommodation…) will be refunded or otherwise compensated.

Article 7.2 : Cancellation by Participant

After the 14-day withdrawal period, if the customer decides to cancel the order more than 30 days prior the Event or Course date, he will be offered the choice of transferring the registration to a different Event or Course of same price.

After the 14-day withdrawal period, for any cancellation received less than 30 days prior the event or course date, there will be no possibility of transferring the registration and the amount will be acquired by EIPM.

No refund will be made for cancellations made by registrants, even if due to issues with Airlines, Trains or other transportation companies.

All cancellations are to be made in writing to , mentioning the name and date of the Event or Course, full name of the participant and invoice number.


Article 8.1: Personal data, Confidentiality

The personal data collected by EIPM, responsible for the processing, is the data that the purchaser voluntarily provided when creating their account.

The only piece of data collected automatically by EIPM is the IP address (the computer’ address).

Mandatory data is identified as such by an explicit reference on the Website.

The customer undertakes to provide correct personal data. EIPM uses all appropriate measures in order to limit the risks of loss, deterioration or improper use of the data collected.

The information and data concerning the customer is needed to manage the order and the business relations, and is collected for these purposes only.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and the provisions on the protection of personal data (GDPR), the purchasers are entitled to access, correct, object to and erase their personal data by making a request by email or letter to EIPM at the following address: EIPM, Bâtiment Mont-Blanc II, 59 Rue Antoine Redier, 74160 Archamps – France, or, .

Article 7.2: Image rights

The Customer is hereby notified that EIPM may take pictures and/or videos during Events and a photo or video of participants might be used on the EIPM website and/or printed on promotional material.

The customers are entitled to refuse the use of photo/video for such purposes by email or letter to EIPM at the following address: EIPM, Bâtiment Mont-Blanc II, 59 Rue Antoine Redier, 74160 Archamps – France, or, .


These General Terms & Conditions are governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute, the customer may undertake a conciliation procedure or any other alternative method of dispute resolution.

In the event of legal action, any disputes resulting from the interpretation or performance of the present contract will be settled under the terms of French law by the Tribunal de Commerce (Commercial Court) of Annecy, sitting at 19 avenue du Parmelan, 74000 Annecy – France.

In addition to events typically deemed to constitute force majeure by the French courts, the obligations of EIPM shall automatically be suspended in the event of events outside their express control that prevent the normal performance of its obligations, including but not limited to earthquake, fire, storms, or flood affecting the Event or Course premises, threat or risk of a terrorist attack on a precautionary basis.

EIPM shall notify the Customer and the Participant of such event of force majeure as soon as reasonably practicable.

Suspension of any obligations shall not in any event give rise to any liability for failure to perform the relevant obligation, nor give rise to the payment of damages, interest, or penalties for late delivery. No refund shall be payable and no liability shall arise.

Last Updated March 2020