Innovation Advanced – 5 e-modules – Intermediate level

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Session date:
From 05 April to 27 June 2021
Course Structure

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1. Learning Objectives

After completion of the e-modules, Learners will be able to contribute to innovation.

2. Target group

Any person interested to understand better how innovation can be delivered with suppliers.

3. Content

  • Innovation sourcing ladder
  • Mapping business value drivers.
  • Understanding pain points.
  • Business ecosystems in innovation.
  • Mapping a business ecosystem.
Chapters e-Modules and preparation work Virtual Class
Number Duration Names Duration
Overview & Design thinking for Purchasing 5 180 min • Why are suppliers increasingly involved in Innovation?
The evolution of industry structure
• Value & Innovation
Different type of innovation
Using the surfboard to identify innovation opportunities.
• The innovation sourcing process
The innovation sourcing process
Map your steps towards innovation.
• Mapping business value drivers
Identifying business value drivers
Aligning supplier innovation with the business strategy.
• Understanding pain point
Discover how Design thinking can power supplier innovation.
Understand why pain points and unmet needs are key for innovation.
Understand why empathy is important to gain access to points and unmet needs.
90 min
Accessing solutions & Managing innovation project 4 150 min •Business ecosystem in innovation
Discover what business ecosystem are and why they are key today.
•Mapping a business ecosystem
Master a 6 step process on how to Map a business ecosystem
•Measuring innovation
Focus on project measure for innovation.
The four magic questions
develop stories to communicate the value generated
90 min
Integrative case 480 min • Innovation Sourcing Ladders
Measure you maturity with innovation with supplier
• Master the toolbox
Participants receive a toolbox and use it to either develop a real case study or plan future development for innovation in their Job
The work done will be shared during the final virtual
90 min

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